Most popular Go libraries

moby — Moby Project - a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems
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go — The Go programming language
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kubernetes v1.14.0-alpha.0 — Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management
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awesome-go — A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software
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hugo v0.51 — The world’s fastest framework for building websites.
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gogs v0.11.66 — Gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service.
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build-web-application-with-golang — A golang ebook intro how to build a web with golang
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gogits/gogs v0.11.43 — Gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service.
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grafana v5.2.3 — The tool for beautiful monitoring and metric analytics & dashboards for Graphite, InfluxDB & Prometheus & More
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syncthing — Open Source Continuous File Synchronization
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    40 minutes ago
    life (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    A secure WebAssembly VM catered for decentralized applications.
    7 hours ago
    golangci-lint (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    Linters Runner for Go. 5x faster than gometalinter. Nice colored output. Can report only new issues. Fewer false-positives. Yaml/toml config.
    btcwallet (Reached 500 ⭐)
    A secure bitcoin wallet daemon written in Go (golang)
    lorca (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Build cross-platform modern desktop apps in Go + HTML5
    9 hours ago
    golua (Reached 500 ⭐)
    A Lua 5.3 engine implemented in Go
    7 hours ago
    logger (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Cross platform Go logging library.
    6 hours ago
    pegomock (Reached 100 ⭐)
    Pegomock is a powerful, yet simple mocking framework for the Go programming language
    10 hours ago
    fbender (Reached 100 ⭐)
    A load-testing command line tool for generic network protocols
    23 hours ago
    review (Reached 100 ⭐)
    [mirror] Tool for working with Gerrit code reviews
    8 hours ago
    fixuid (Reached 100 ⭐)
    Go binary to change Docker container user/group and file permissions at runtime
    22 minutes ago
    kubeedge (Reached 100 ⭐)
    Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Management Framework
    23 hours ago
    rpcx-benchmark (Reached 50 ⭐)
    benchmark codes for rpcx, gRPC, Dubbo, Motan
    16 hours ago
    terraform-provider-template (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Terraform template provider
    1 hour ago
    youtube-dl (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Go tool to download videos from youtube
    16 hours ago
    frameworkcontroller (Reached 50 ⭐)
    General-Purpose Kubernetes Pod Controller

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