object oriented design

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mortdeus/links — This is an example of object oriented design using type composition rather than inheritance to implement polymorphic reuse of code.
object oriented design

Some additional repos to consider:
go-poodr — A Go translation of the example code from Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz.
AIroot-JUS — JUS (code name), is a front-end server based on Go, excellent performance, fast construction, can manage multiple sets of Web static services. At the same time, JUS is a compilation system that can encapsulate and publish WEB pages. It is neither a JS framework nor a DOM framework. Its built in compiler engine can upgrade the current WEB platform and make it have the object-oriented characteristics. The advantage of JUS is that instead of language-level object-oriented design, it uses full-scale object-oriented design (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.). There is no difference between JUS development and ordinary WEB development, almost zero learning cost.
go-libiptc — libiptc bindings for Go language. Object-oriented design, supports IPv6 and same wait locking mechanism as iptables/ip6tables.

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