go-dash — A Go library for generating MPEG-DASH manifes...

71 (<1)
go-dash — A Go library for generating MPEG-DASH manifests.
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60 (<1)
mpeg — An experimental pure golang implementation of an MPEG-2 decoder
3 (<1)
rhuss/dash — Go library for listening for Dash Buttons
2 (<1)
dash-server — Small, command-line HTTP/2 file server for serving MPEG-DASH content.
19 (<1)
mpd — Go library for parsing and generating MPEG-DASH Media Presentation Description (MPD) files
7 (<1)
mooyoul/go-dash-button — Detect Amazon Dash Button Clicks for the Go programming language
387 (<1)
dashing — A Dash Generator Script for Any HTML
1 (<1)
dash-brew — Simple go server for capturing dash button presses to do things
1 (<1)
Dirbaio/BigBrother — CCTV recorder/player built using Go, ffmpeg and MPEG-DASH.
2 (<1)
go-ts — MPEG-2 Transport Stream library for Go

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