usql — Universal command-line interface for SQL data...

4474 (<1)
usql v0.7.1 — universal command-line interface for SQL databases
Similar Applications SQL and ORM oracle sql
416 (<1)
mkideal/cli v0.0.2 — CLI - A package for building command line app with go
Similar Command Line
2590 (<1)
promptui — Interactive prompt for command-line applications
Similar Command Line
17 (<1)
dbox — Command Line Interface for Dropbox.
1882 (<1)
xo — Command line tool to generate idiomatic Go code for SQL databases supporting PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server
Similar SQL and ORM oracle sql
354 (<1)
gort — Command Line Interface (CLI) for RobotOps
Similar Applications Hardware
31 (<1)
yandex-weather-cli 1.11 — Command line interface for Yandex weather service / ️️️
33 (<1)
rainforest-cli v2.10.2 — Command line interface to Rainforest
212 (<1)
sql-parser — Toy SQL parser example for Gopher Academy
Similar SQL and ORM
16 (0)
command-line-cook — Want to figure out what to make for dinner, but don't feel like leaving the command line? Now you can get tasty recipes right from the command line, like the real hacker you are.

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