vole — Vole is a social, peer-to-peer web app for sh...

449 (<1)
vole — Vole is a social, peer-to-peer web app for sharing words, pictures and videos.
Similar Applications BitTorrent P2P
2 (<1)
peer-x — Peer-X is a new technology to enable freedom of speech in places where repression occurs
1 (<1)
stanliberman/obc-peer — hyperledger peer
174 (<1)
otunnel v1.3.1 — peer-to-peer tunnel tool
1 (<1)
peer-2-peer-wiki — Peer-to-peer network overlays, built on an modified version of Chord overlay, which provide replications of data on the successor nodes. Also embedded with Treedoc CRDT to provide eventual consistency.
4 (<1)
peer-finder — peer and find the kubernetes statefulset's pod domains
52 (<1)
gocmpp — An implementation of China Mobile Peer to Peer protocol in golang for both client and server sides.
76 (<1)
Golang — Peer-to-Peer Command Line Chat with Go Lang
26 (<1)
Go-Social-Blogging-App — A Social-Blogging App developed with Golang & Mysql!!
281 (<1)
sleuth — A Go library for master-less peer-to-peer autodiscovery and RPC between HTTP services

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