kademlia — Go implementation of a Kademlia distributed h...

99 (<1)
kademlia — Go implementation of a Kademlia distributed hash table
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5 (0)
distributed-hash — A distributed hash table written in Go
20 (<1)
chuckha/dht — Distributed hash table using a chord
21 (<1)
bttown/dht — golang dht(Distributed Hash Table) node
2 (<1)
Kademlia-Tester — Kademlia implementation using Go Programming language. Kademlia is a distributed hash table (DHT) that uses remote procedure calls (RPCs). Also includes a sample tester that test any Kademlia implementation for corrections.
1 (<1)
go-kademlia — golang implementation of distributed hash table for decentralized peer-to-peer computer networks
13 (<1)
cfromknecht/kademlia — A golang implementation of the Kademlia DHT
3 (<1)
ChrisMoran/kademlia — Kademlia DHT implementation in Go

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