grafana — The tool for beautiful monitoring and metric...

23615 (<1)
grafana v5.2.3 — The tool for beautiful monitoring and metric analytics & dashboards for Graphite, InfluxDB & Prometheus & More
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20775 (+8)
prometheus — The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.
Similar Databases Monitoring and alerting Applications
20 (<1)
graphite-remote-adapter v0.2.0 — Fully featured graphite remote adapter for Prometheus
168 (<1)
vsphere-influxdb-go v0.8.5 — Collect VMware vSphere, vCenter and ESXi performance metrics and send them to InfluxDB
25 (<1)
vsphere-graphite — vSphere stats to storage backend as graphite, influxdb or elasticsearch
36 (<1)
prom-metric-viewer — Browse Prometheus metrics of apps and exporters more quickly.
4 (<1)
prometheus-influxdb-adapter v0.2.0 — Prometheus remote storage adapter for InfluxDB
30 (<1)
go-metrics-graphite — Graphite client for the go-metrics
56 (<1)
whisper-to-influxdb — migrate (import) graphite data from whisper to influxdb
5 (<1)
prometheus-teamspeak — A Prometheus metric server for monitoring TeamSpeak3 servers

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