gops — A tool to list and diagnose Go processes curr...

2900 (<1)
gops v0.3.5 — A tool to list and diagnose Go processes currently running on your system
Similar Go Tools
5 (<1)
diagnose — Diagnose Tools for openSUSE
611 (<1)
go-ps — Find, list, and inspect processes from Go (golang).
Similar Applications System tools
338 (<1)
cloudinsight-agent — Cloudinsight Agent is a system tool that monitors system processes and services, and sends information back to your Cloudinsight account.
Similar Monitoring and alerting External APIs Applications
1 (<1)
to-do-list — html5 to-do list
7 (<1)
go-process-list-lib — A library for Go that implements os-specific APIs to list and manipulate processes in a platform-safe way, it find and list processes on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows.
403 (<1)
kuard — Demo app for Kubernetes Up and Running book
Similar Kubernetes
35 (<1)
cnitch — Container Snitch checks running processes under the Docker Engine and alerts if any are found to be running as root
24 (<1)
procspy — Go methods to list TCP connections and the owning processes.

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