chi — Lightweight, idiomatic and composable router...

4644 (+1)
chi v3.3.3 — lightweight, idiomatic and composable router for building Go HTTP services
Similar HTTP router
207 (<1)
doggy — Lightweight, idiomatic and stable for building Go 1.7+ HTTP services
101 (<1)
takama/router — A simple, compact and fast router package to process HTTP requests
Similar HTTP router
467 (<1)
gear v1.13.0 — A lightweight, composable and high performance web service framework for Go.
59 (<1)
scroll v1.2.2 — Scroll is a lightweight library for building Go HTTP services at Mailgun.
23 (<1)
k8s-http-router — HTTP router for Kubernetes
755 (<1)
lion — Lion is a fast HTTP router for building modern scalable modular REST APIs in Go
Similar HTTP router
94 (<1)
alien — A lightweight and fast http router from outer space
Similar HTTP router
118 (<1)
fastroute — Simple, idiomatic and fast 161 loc http router for golang
1 (<1)
rdx-router — Lightweight http router

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