fission — Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes

3992 (<1)
fission — Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes
Similar Microservices Kubernetes
2456 (<1)
nuclio 0.7.6 — High-Performance Serverless event and data processing platform
Similar Serverless
52 (<1)
sanfran — SanFran - Serverless Functions for Kubernetes
1668 (<1)
client-go — Go client for Kubernetes.
Similar Kubernetes
183 (<1)
kube-arbitrator — A batch scheduler of Kubernetes for ML/BigData/HPC Workload
Similar Kubernetes
1218 (<1)
faas-netes — Serverless Kubernetes with OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service)
Similar Kubernetes
1552 (<1)
external-dns v0.5.9 — Configure external DNS servers (AWS Route53, Google CloudDNS and others) for Kubernetes Ingresses and Services
Similar Kubernetes
1452 (<1)
autoscaler — Autoscaling components for Kubernetes
Similar Kubernetes
1266 (<1)
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o v1.11.2 — Open Container Initiative-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface
Similar Kubernetes
103 (<1)
serverless-pwned-passwords — Using serverless functions to provide an API for checking potential passwords against an enormous corpus of passwords leaked from security breaches.

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