cznic/regexp — Package regexp implements regular expression...

5 (0)
cznic/regexp — Package regexp implements regular expression search. (Work In Progress)
Similar regexp
1 (<1)
regular-relations — Construct a subsequential transducer from a regular expression.
3 (0)
go-regexpcache — cacheable regular expression package as official regexp package wrapper.
65 (<1)
implements — Check which interfaces a Go type implements
1 (<1)
jobs-expression-cron — Cron expression for "jobs" package.
3 (0)
0xC3/progress — This project implements functions for handling progress bars.
2 (<1)
expression — A expression parsing tool for golang
1 (<1)
agext/regexp — Submatch handling improved in a copy of standard regexp package for Go (golang)
62 (<1)
brename — A practical cross-platform command-line tool for safely batch renaming files/directories via regular expression
1391 (<1)
codesearch — Fast, indexed regexp search over large file trees
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