cryptag — Encrypted, taggable, searchable cloud storage

153 (<1)
cryptag v0.8.2 — Encrypted, taggable, searchable cloud storage
Similar Applications Cryptography
24 (<1)
QuickImageServer — A simple image storage server
32 (<1)
sajari/storage — Go package for abstracting local, in-memory, and remote (Google Cloud Storage/S3) filesystems
3 (<1)
cloud-storage 1.10.0 — Cloud storage plugins and provisioners
132 (<1)
movies-restapi — RESTful API to manage movies written in Go and uses MongoDB as storage
1 (<1)
govenue/storage — cloud storage sdk
497 (<1)
kubernetes-helm/chartmuseum v0.6.0 — Helm Chart Repository with support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS Storage, and Openstack Object Storage
Similar Kubernetes
30 (<1)
osin-storage — PostgreSQL storage backend for RangelReale osin OAuth2
427 (<1)
stow v0.1.0 — Cloud storage abstraction package for Go
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