glow — Glow is an easy-to-use distributed computatio...

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glow — Glow is an easy-to-use distributed computation system written in Go, similar to Hadoop Map Reduce, Spark, Flink, Storm, etc. I am also working on another similar pure Go system, , which is more flexible and more performant.
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gleam — Fast, efficient, and scalable distributed map/reduce system, DAG execution, in memory or on disk, written in pure Go, runs standalone or distributedly.
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shtsai7/distributed-system — Distributed System assignment
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ruybrito106/distributed-system — Simple distributed system in Golang
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am-i-working — Log working activity based on /etc/resolv.conf domain
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system — System metrics for statsd (cpu, mem, disk, io, etc)
Similar Statsd
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distributed-system — Creative and educational project for distributed system
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