soar — SQL Optimizer And Rewriter

4034 (<1)
soar 0.10.0 — SQL Optimizer And Rewriter
212 (<1)
sql-parser — Toy SQL parser example for Gopher Academy
Similar SQL and ORM
1199 (<1)
sql-migrate — SQL schema migration tool for Go.
Similar SQL and ORM
63 (<1)
sql-benchmark — A synthetic benchmark to compare the performance of various sql-drivers for Go's database/sql package
1 (<1)
fe-image-optimizer — An image optimizer for FE
4474 (<1)
usql v0.7.1 — universal command-line interface for SQL databases
Similar Applications SQL and ORM oracle sql
22 (<1)
go-fast-sql — Go library to increase SQL performance and ease development
5 (0)
nlp-maxent-optimizer — A fast and parallel batch gradient descent optimizer for maxent models in natural language processing (NLP)

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