GoMySQL — The most complete and stable MySQL client lib...

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GoMySQL — The most complete and stable MySQL client library written completely in Go. For discussion, ideas, suggestions, feature requests etc, please visit the GoMySQL Google Group (link below). For any issues/bugs or need some help, please post an issue on Github.
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go-github v15.0.0 — Go library for accessing the GitHub API
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identity-toolkit-go-client — Google identity Toolkit client library for Go
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bc-feature-requests — Feature requests api.
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stilvoid/please — Please is a command line utility that makes it easy to integrate web APIs into your shell scripts.
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github-tools — Some ideas on GitHub
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google-places-api — Deprecated. Please use the official client.
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github-issues — Github Issue query CLI
268 (<1)
google-maps-services-go — Go client library for Google Maps API Web Services
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github-issue-ircbot — github issue irc bot

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