kubernetes-vault — Use Vault to store secrets for Kubernetes!

719 (<1)
kubernetes-vault v0.5.2 — Use Vault to store secrets for Kubernetes!
Similar Kubernetes
31 (<1)
kube-vault-controller — Claim secrets from Vault for use in Kubernetes.
74 (<1)
vault-secrets-gen v0.0.2 — A Vault secrets plugin for generating high entropy passwords and passphrases.
89 (<1)
vault-plugin-auth-kubernetes — Vault authentication plugin for Kubernetes Service Accounts
397 (<1)
vault-controller — Automate the creation of unique Vault tokens for Kubernetes Pods using init containers.
Similar Kubernetes
8 (<1)
secrets-manager — A daemon to sync Vault secrets to Kubernetes secrets
637 (<1)
sealed-secrets v0.7.0 — A Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets
Similar Kubernetes
15 (<1)
kubernetes-vault-client — Helper app for Kubernetes applications securely accessing Vault secrets.
2 (<1)
vault-initializer — Kubernetes Initializer for Vault Secrets

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