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vault — A tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management
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vault-ethereum v0.2.5 — A plugin that turns Vault into an Ethereum wallet.
214 (<1)
safe v0.9.8 — A Vault CLI
3 (<1)
vault-btc — Basic Bitcoin plugin for Vault
75 (<1)
terraform-provider-vault v1.1.4 — Terraform Vault provider
38 (<1)
vault-service-broker — The official HashiCorp Vault broker integration to the Open Service Broker API. This service broker provides support for secure secret storage and encryption-as-a-service to HashiCorp Vault.
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kubernetes-vault v0.5.2 — Use Vault to store secrets for Kubernetes!
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vault-ssh-helper v0.1.4 — Vault SSH Agent is used to enable one time keys and passwords
397 (<1)
vault-controller — Automate the creation of unique Vault tokens for Kubernetes Pods using init containers.
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vault-gpg-plugin v0.2.0 — "Transit like" secret backend plugin for GPG in Hashicorp Vault

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