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exalysis — Mentor tool for golang track on Exercism. Checks code for structure and provides suggestions.
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GoMySQL — The most complete and stable MySQL client library written completely in Go. For discussion, ideas, suggestions, feature requests etc, please visit the GoMySQL Google Group (link below). For any issues/bugs or need some help, please post an issue on Github.
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TySug v0.1.1 — A project around helping to prevent typing typos. TySug (Typo Suggestions) suggests alternative words with respect to keyboard layouts
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namemything — A go-built service that provides name suggestions for a project.
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write-better — An application which takes a user's writing and gives helpful suggestions on improvements
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SAGRS — A Surrogate-Assisted Genetic Recommender System utilising Interactive Genetic Algorithms with meta-model evaluations to optimise suggestions.
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TensorflowGO — WIP : This repository contains a mini project written in Golang. It tackles the problem of deploying a tensorflow model in production. This work is still in progressm too many other modules will be added to the project to be more user friendly and easily deployed by novice programmers. I tried to make all the development with Go as much as possible in the aim to make it more comprehensible fo go developpers. I made all the image processing and normalisation using golang and not Tensorflow OP library. Feel free to make suggestions and comments.
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suggester — Suggester is designed as a web service for providing input suggestions.
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go-text-processors — Golang text processors which provide suggestions for common English patterns
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product-recommendation-engine — A recommendation engine written in Go which uses the power of Elastic Search to generate product suggestions

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