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9301 (<1)
websocketd — Turn any program that uses STDIN/STDOUT into a WebSocket server. Like inetd, but for WebSockets.
Applications Websockets
522 (<1)
kubeval — Validate your Kubernetes configuration files, supports multiple Kubernetes versions
140 (<1)
esbulk — elasticsearch bulk indexing for newline delimited JSON.
Applications Nice! ElasticSearch
605 (<1)
json2csv — command line tool to convert json to csv
19 (<1)
haiku-finder — A program to search text files for sentences that match 5-7-5 a syllable count.
122 (<1)
slapper — Simple load testing tool with real-time updated histogram of request timings
27 (<1)
linenotcat — A command line tool to send messages to LINE Notify
69 (<1)
file2http — spray a line-oriented file at an HTTP endpoint
238 (<1)
humanlog — Logs for humans to read.
144 (<1)
sybil — sybil - a fast and simple NoSQL OLAP engine
88 repos

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