snake case

4 (<1)
go-strcase — Convert snake case, camel case and kebap case strings
19 (0)
json_snake_case — go generate snake case json
51 (0)
snaker — This is a small utility to convert camel cased strings to snake case and back, except some defined words
7 (0)
snakecase — Go library for converting given string to snake case
2 (<1)
casbab — CLI tool and a Go library for Camel/Snake/Kebab case conversion
1 (<1)
dc0d/caseconv — snake, kebab, camel, pascal case conversion
2 (<1)
suitecase — A handy lib for converting string format between camel case, snake case and hyphen case
0 (<1)
paultyng/snake — Convert string to snake case in Go
0 (<1)
foundation_patch_107430076 — update product option keys to use snake case
9 repos

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