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rclone — "rsync for cloud storage" - Google Drive, Amazon Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic, Cloudfiles, Google Cloud Storage, Yandex Files
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docker-volume-rclone — Use Rclone as a backend for docker volume (also as a plugin). This permit to easely mount a lot of cloud provider (https://rclone.org/overview).
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rhttpserve — A tiny HTTP server that can serve files out of any rclone remote.
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kobo-rclone v0.2.0 — An experimental rclone wrapper for Kobo ereaders
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netbackup — A frontend for various backup programs (rsync, rdiff-backup, rclone) that simplifies local and remote backups.
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conplicity — Automatic duplicity/rclone backups for Docker containers

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