1017 (+24)
lgo — Interactive Go programming with Jupyter
8885 (+1)
grumpy — Grumpy is a Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime.
Go Tools Other languages
648 (<1)
go-python — naive go bindings to the CPython C-API
Other languages
176 (<1)
gorose — Gorose(go orm), a mini database ORM for golang, which inspired by the famous php framwork laravle's eloquent. It will be friendly for php developer and python or ruby developer. Currently provides five major database drivers: mysql,sqlite3,postgres,oracle,mssql.
903 (<1)
blockchain-tutorial — :ear_of_rice: A step-by-step blockchain tutorial in simplified Chinese
2597 (<1)
centrifugo — Language-agnostic real-time messaging (Websocket or SockJS) server in Go
Message queue
1477 (<1)
go-prompt — Building a powerful interactive prompt in Go, inspired by python-prompt-toolkit.
Terminal Command Line
581 (<1)
gocelery — Celery Distributed Task Queue in Go
Job Queue AMQP
165 (<1)
SubOver — A Powerful Subdomain Takeover Tool
231 (<1)
supervisord — a go-lang supervisor implementation
372 repos

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