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filebuffer — filebuffer is a package implementing a few file-like interfaces. The implementation is backed by a byte buffer. The main purpose is to have in-memory file alternative.
go-buildrun — [2013; outdated/abandoned] simple-minded "build tool" that performs "pseudo-generics templating" Go code generation just prior to then invoking `go install` and running the result if package is an executable (`package main`)
go-linker-vars-example — This project is a simple example of using Go build linker flags to set package variables deeper than main
micromon — micromon: A microservice oriented performance monitoring tool for Cloud Applications. Overall Description: micromon is a golang based logging service. Detailed Description: Users could submit the event information to micromon service. This information will be stored in mongodb based database named micromonDB. Later, they could collect the processing time of events. The micromon package consists of the following folders (FOLDER/Source information): micromon -addevent (addevent interface) This interface adds events to the micromon service. Usage: (from terminal) curl -d '{"AppID":"ID-1","QueryID":"q1","EventName":"RegisterStudent","TimeStamp":"23.1","AdditionalInfo":"TUMStudent"}' -i http://localhost:8172/addevent -CMD (main) This folder contains the main package of micromon service. -config (future) -doc (documentation) -driver (driver interface) This folder contains driver.go file. This is an example written in order to demonstrate how the micromon service could be accessed and the processing time for events could be retrieved from micromonDB. -getproctime (driver interface) THis interface is responsible for getting the processing time of the events. To utilize this service via. terminal, curl -d '{"AppID":"ID-1","QueryID":"q2","EventName":"RegisterStudent","TimeStamp":"29.1","AdditionalInfo":"HPCCLoudStudent"}' -i http://localhost:8172/getproctime If invoked via. browser, the information about utilizing this service will be displayed. In this service, the user has to specify the current timestamp in seconds or milliseconds along with the queryid (Mandatory). It searches for the first entry of this queryid and calculates the processing time for the event and reports the same to the user. -getallevent (getallevent interface) This interface reports all entries of the events that were added to the mrimondb earlier. THe output is reported to the user in the json format. -micromonDB (database folder) This is the folder which stores the event information. -servicediscovery (future) This folder is kept for the future use. How to use micromon service? Users could utilize in three different ways: i) via. web ii) via. client terminal iii) via. programs i) via. web: The services could be contacted using the respective urls. FOr eg. http://localhost:port/addevent Only limited services are provided with this option. ii) via. client terminal The services could be accessed via. the client terminal using curl operations. Pls. see above for more information. iii) via. programs. Users could write a program to utilize micromon service. To do so, the users have to do the following in their programs (although the programs could be written in any of the languages): a) connect to the service b) submit the json encoded EventInfo datastructure in bytes to the services. c) collect the output and parse the output as per their needs. A sample example is written in golang which is available in the driver folder.
vmain — vgo test main package
frozenkp/easydb — A golang package to make the main function (insert, find, update, remove) of mongodb easily to use.

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