multiple workers

crawlfarm — A Crawl Farm written in Go. Crawl a site using multiple workers which each process in parallel.
golang-pool-workers — Use routines as synchronous call to execute multiple actions at the same time using go routines
go-workers-once — A middleware for go-workers trying to minimize the chance of running same job type multiple times in parallel
Simple-Bank-Account-Go — Implemented a transaction like system in Go in which multiple workers access the same account and withdraw money from the account. I learned and used Go features like • WaitGroup (Used to detect when GoRoutine has ended), • Defer (makes sure the function following differ runs before the return statement occurs), • GoRoutines (makes the functions run concurrenctly)
portscan — Port scanner written in Go. Scan multiple ports on multiple IPs or CIDRs. Can adjust number of workers and timeout.
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