mac os x

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dlite — The simplest way to use Docker on OS X
Docker Mac-related Applications
783 (<1)
osxlockdown — [No longer maintained] Apple OS X tool to audit for, and remediate, security configuration settings.
5 (<1)
go-process-list-lib — A library for Go that implements os-specific APIs to list and manipulate processes in a platform-safe way, it find and list processes on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows.
35 (0)
vault-token-helper-osx-keychain — An example @HashiCorp Vault token helper for Mac OS X Keychain.
4 (0)
git-notifier — A Golang Git notifier for Mac OS X.
40 (0)
objc — objc implements access to the Objective-C runtime and Cocoa on Mac OS X from within Go
37 (0)
go-osxkeychain — Golang package for accessing and manipulating the Mac OS X Keychain
10 (0)
osxkerneltracer — Mac OS X kernel tracer
9 (0)
killunresponsive — Mac OS X terminal application to kill unresponsive processes.
8 (0)
crh/fswatch — file system watcher command line utility for mac os x
file system watcher
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