json response

105 (<1)
renderer — Simple, lightweight and faster response (JSON, JSONP, XML, YAML, HTML, File) rendering package for Go
175 (<1)
rts — RTS: request to struct. Generates Go structs from JSON server responses.
56 (<1)
benchmark-grpc-protobuf-vs-http-json — Benchmarks comparing gRPC+Protobuf vs JSON+HTTP in Go
2 (<1)
jsonresponse — HTTP JSON Response for Go
9 (<1)
api-dts — d.ts generator from JSON API response
14 (<1)
lansana/jsonapi — A lightweight JSON response writer for Go. Simple, fully tested, expressive and uses only the standard library.
127 (<1)
apidemic — Fake JSON response server
3 (<1)
stripper — Clean your JSON compatible structs before you marshall them and send them as API response
24 (<1)
wrecker — A golang request builder for JSON APIs
3 (0)
golangHttpBenchMarkingExample — simple http json request / response , just for showing benchmarks

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