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golang-tutorials — Hacking Code - Golang Guide and Tutorials - Let's get the hands really dirty by writing a lot of Golang code
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Hacking-with-Go — Golang for Security Professionals
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srclib — srclib is a polyglot code analysis library, built for hackability. It consists of language analysis toolchains (currently for Go and Java, with Python, JavaScript, and Ruby in beta) with a common output format, and a CLI tool for running the analysis.
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cloudpipe — :wrench: Compute on demand in Docker containers
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tat — Tat Engine - Text And Tags
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badass — hacking github's contribution graph for lulz.
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xinyroulette — A small app to randomly select a task and a programming language. For example "Write a blog in Bash" or "Write a simple crypto in Elixir". Just fun challenger for hacking meetups
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hador — Happy Hacking
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go-hacking — Snippets of golang code for penetration testers.
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challenges-1 — My work for some computer science / hacking / cryptology challenges.
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