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graven — Graven is a build management tool for Go projects. It takes light cues from projects like Maven and Leiningen, but given Go's much simpler environment and far different take on dependency management, little is shared beyond the goals.
goals-calendar — Goals calendar is a Seinfeld calendar written in Google's Go (unfinished dead code)
gftd — A Commandline tool to track your daily goals
GoalTracker — Reads a specially formatted org-mode file of todos and generates a html "dashboard" to keeps tabs on your goals
rulehunter — A server to find rules in data based on user specified goals
socialpressure — Become accountable to your peers by publicly announcing and displaying the status of your goals.
rhkit — A Go package to find simple rules in data to meet user specified goals
nagger — A Facebook Messenger bot which nags you about your goals
ReverCse — ReverCse: A repository for developers to share code and resources they've accrued through their experience as a programmer. This not only holds code, but documentation and resources to enable quicker development. The goal is to reduce time researching and finding good resources and enabling developers to utilize resources created or discovered by others to achieve their goals.
Bot4Messenger — This is a Go library for making bots to be used on Facebook messenger. It is built on the Messenger Platform. One of the main goals of the project is to implement it in an idiomatic and easy to use fashion.
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