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go-xsd-validate — Xsd validation for go, wraps libxml2
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go-xsd-pkg — [2013] wrappers for various common XML formats, ready for use with `encoding/xml.Unmarshal()`, all generated with my `go-xsd` project
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miracl/go-xsd-pkg — Go wrappers for various XML formats
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openyard/goxc — go xsd compiler
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go-xsd — [stale since 2013] a lib for loading XML Schema Definition (XSD) files plus, a tool `makepkg` to code-generate from any *.xsd your Go package with all needed `struct`s to readily `xml.Unmarshal()` documents into, based on the XSD's schema definitions. NOT REALLY MAINTAINED FOR YEARS NOW: try the forks if running into issues.
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xsd2code — Experimenting if it is possible and convenient to generate e.g. C++ code from an XSD definition using Go.

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