execution time

356 (<1)
fortio — Fortio load testing library and command line tool and web UI in go (golang). Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats.
54 (<1)
benchgraph — Visualization of Golang benchmark output using Google charts
25 (<1)
goref — golang simple, thread-safe invocation tracker
18 (<1)
lambda-cpu-cost — Test harness that invokes cpu-intensive Lambda functions at various memory levels and compares performance and cost.
Similar test harness
12 (<1)
crontoc — Show crontab lines with next execution time.
13 (<1)
Holmes-Totem-Dynamic — Investigation Planner for long running analysis with unpredictable execution time. For example, dynamic analysis.
11 (<1)
anon-eth-net — Totally anonymous botnet client with an emphasis on individual zombie control, resiliency of the host machine, and ease of remote code execution. Zombies mine ethereum in their free time for fun.
23 (<1)
Holmes-Totem — Investigation Planner for fast running analysis with predictable execution time. For example, static analysis.
16 (<1)
split_tests — Utility to split test files into parallel CI containers
1 (0)
timeit — timeit is a tiny cross-platform portable command line utility for measuring program execution time.

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