"html files"

320 (<1)
gotenberg v2.0.0 — :scroll: A stateless API for converting Markdown files, HTML files and Office documents to PDF
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292 (<1)
pugo — a static site generator & deployer
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27 (<1)
caddy-lua — An experiment in executing Lua from Caddy. Ignore this for now. ;)
2 (<1)
vfinder v1.2.0 — Find and report dead links in HTML files
19 (<1)
markdir — A simple HTTP server for rendering markdown files
9 (<1)
sandblast — Library to extract text from HTML files
9 (0)
export-github-issues — A go application to export Github issues with comments to html files
8 (0)
kr/blog — Command blog generates HTML files for a blog.
40 (<1)
matt-west/go-blog — A simple blog framework built with GO. Uses HTML files and a JSON dict to give you more control over your content.
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1 (<1)
cachebuster — a simple golang cachebuster for static html files

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