860 (<1)
go-sdl2 v0.3 — SDL2 binding for Go
Similar Windows-related
417 (<1)
systray — a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area
Similar GUI Mac-related Windows-related
360 (<1)
open-golang — Open a file, directory, or URI using the OS's default application for that object type. Optionally, you can specify an application to use.
Similar Windows-related Mac-related
384 (<1)
go-ole — win32 ole implementation for golang
Similar Windows-related
31 (<1)
minwinsvc — A minimal windows only service stub for go that allows running any go program as a windows service.
Similar Windows-related
432 (<1)
w32 — A wrapper of windows apis for the Go Programming Language.
Similar Windows-related
86 (<1)
powershell-reverse-http — :innocent: A Powershell exploit, windows native service with no virus signature that open a reverse http connection via meterpreter
Similar Security Windows-related
206 (<1)
mattn/gopher — Windows Desktop Mascot Applicaiton "Gopher"
Similar Windows-related
15 (0)
winsvc — Windows service library written in go - Forked from
Similar Windows-related
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