1370 (<1)
novm — Experimental KVM-based VMM, written in Go.
Similar Virtualization
265 (<1)
go-libvirt — Package libvirt provides a pure Go interface for interacting with Libvirt. Apache 2.0 Licensed.
Similar Virtualization
687 (<1)
atmanos — Build Go programs that run directly on the Xen hypervisor
Similar Virtualization
118 (<1)
libvirt/libvirt-go — Automatic read-only mirror of;a=summary
Similar Virtualization
173 (<1)
libvirt-go — Go bindings for libvirt
Similar Virtualization
619 (<1)
kubevirt — Kubernetes Virtualization Operator with API and runtime in order to define and manage virtual machines.
Similar Applications Kubernetes
1107 (<1)
hoverfly — Lightweight service virtualization/API simulation tool for developers and testers
Similar Applications HTTP Proxies
8 (<1)
libvirt-xml — Libvirt Virtualization API Project
4 (0)
capsule — A virtualization engine brings container-like operations into hardware virtualization. Secure, High-performance, Flexible and Easy-to-use.
1 (<1)
CyanOcean — Open Source KVM Virtualization Panel written in Go
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