937 (<1)
joy4 — Golang audio/video library and streaming server
Similar Audio Applications Video MP4
360 (<1)
snickers — :chocolate_bar: An open source alternative to the video cloud encoding services.
Similar Applications Video
75 (0)
streamsurfer — Software for monitoring of HTTP video streams.
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2814 (+3)
annie 0.6.12 — Fast, simple and clean video downloader
Similar Applications
57 (<1)
goffli v1.0.0 — ️Goffli is simple interface and FFmpeg CLI wrapper that offers the ability to convert video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams using small Lua programs which you can share over Github Gist.
32 (<1)
Ch3ck/youtube-dl — Go impl of Youtube video & audio Downloader
166 (<1)
dms — A UPnP DLNA Digital Media Server that includes basic video transcoding. Tested on a Panasonic Viera television, several Android UPnP apps, and Chromecast.
380 (<1)
video-transcoding-api — Agnostic API to transcode media assets across different cloud services.
Similar External APIs
38 (<1)
pic2ascii v1.4.3 — Converts a picture and video to ascii
2 (<1)
thermal-recorder v1.3 — Thermal video recording software with motion detection

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