10476 (+1)
dep v0.5.0 — Go dependency management tool
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3873 (<1)
govendor v1.0.9 — Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file.
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7125 (<1)
glide — Package Management for Golang
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5485 (<1)
godep — dependency tool for go
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1936 (<1)
gopm — Go Package Manager (gopm) is a package manager and build tool for Go.
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1596 (<1)
gx v0.12.1 — A package management tool
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754 (<1)
gvt — gvt was a minimal go vendoring tool, based on gb-vendor. Today, you want to use modules instead.
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773 (<1)
goop — A simple dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler.
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1332 (<1)
gom — Go Manager - bundle for go
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671 (<1)
manul — :smirk_cat: The madness vendoring utility for Golang programs
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    3 weeks ago
    dep (Reached 10000 ⭐)
    Go dependency management tool

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