Syntax Highlighting

1449 (+1)
chroma v0.5.0 — A general purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go
Similar Syntax Highlighting
2351 (<1)
ccat v1.1.0 — Colorizing `cat`
Similar Applications Terminal
460 (<1)
goplayspace — Advanced Go Playground frontend written in Go, with syntax highlighting, turtle graphics mode, and more
301 (<1)
haifenghuang/monkey v5.2 — Interpreter with support for class, linq, sql, net, http, fmt, json and A realtime syntax highlighting REPL.
217 (<1)
syntaxhighlight — Go package for syntax highlighting of code
Similar Nice! Syntax Highlight
12 (<1)
go-highlight — A Go (Golang) code syntax highlighting library.
2 (<1)
xi-golang-plugin — Experimental AST-based syntax highlighting ...
13 (<1)
zyedidia/highlight — A Go package for syntax highlighting
8 (<1)
chromarkdown — Generate single-file static responsive HTML page from Markdown with syntax-highlighting.
19 (<1)
prequel — MySQL query editor for the terminal with syntax highlighting

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