3417 (<1)
slack-term — Slack client for your terminal
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324 (<1)
bot — IRC, Slack, Telegram and RocketChat bot written in go
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124 (<1)
slick — Slick, a Slack bot in Go
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16 (<1)
slack-jira-bot — Provide URL expansion when Jira issues are mentioned in a Slack chat
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167 (<1)
mybot — Build your own Slack bot in Go.
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50 (<1)
slack-go-webhook — Go Library to send messages to Slack via Webhooks
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45 (<1)
slack-dump — Export History For Private Groups From Slack
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240 (0)
slackbot — Simple, pluggable bot framework for Slack chat.
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7 (0)
slackapi — Implementation of a go capable slackbot framework
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48 (0)
go-slackbot — Go module for building slackbot
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    1 week ago
    slack-go-webhook (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Go Library to send messages to Slack via Webhooks

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