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riot 0.10.0 — Go Open Source, Distributed, Simple and efficient Search Engine
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bleve v0.7.0 — A modern text indexing library for go
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codesearch — Fast, indexed regexp search over large file trees
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555 (<1)
zoekt — Fast trigram based code search
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the_platinum_searcher — A code search tool similar to ack and the_silver_searcher(ag). It supports multi platforms and multi encodings.
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pms — Practical Music Search is an interactive Vim-like console client for the Music Player Daemon.
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30 (<1)
goduckgo — Go package for DuckDuckGo API
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mosuka/blast — The Blast is a full text search and indexing server written in Go that built on top of the Bleve.
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74 (<1)
algoliasearch-client-go 2.22.0 — :mag: Algolia Search API Client for Go
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75 (<1)
fulltext — Pure-Go full text indexer and search library
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