4694 (+10)
colly v1.0.0 — Elegant Scraper and Crawler Framework for Golang
Similar Scrapers Crawlers
2772 (<1)
p2pspider — DHT Spider + BitTorrent Client = P2P Spider
Similar BitTorrent Crawlers Scrapers P2P
297 (<1)
scraper — A scraper for EmulationStation written in Go using hashing
Similar Applications Scrapers
785 (<1)
soup — Web Scraper in Go, similar to BeautifulSoup
Similar Scrapers Crawlers
1418 (<1)
scrape — A simple, higher level interface for Go web scraping.
Similar Applications Scrapers
1046 (<1)
webloop — WebLoop: Scriptable, headless WebKit with a Go API. Like PhantomJS, but for Go.
Similar Testing HTML Scrapers
83 (<1)
tumblr-downloader — A command-line program that scrapes tumblr blogs, and downloads images and videos from several at once.
Similar Scrapers
140 (0)
sqrape — Simple Query Scraping with CSS and Go Reflection
Similar Applications Scrapers
41 (0)
gopherscraper — Rest service to scrap websites with "Items" like ecommerce, news, videos, etc
Similar Scrapers
90 (0)
scraperboard — Golang library to easily scrape websites based on simple XML declarations
Similar Scrapers

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