5557 (+1)
grpc-go — The Go language implementation of gRPC. HTTP/2 based RPC
Similar Microservices Clients gRPC RPC
3581 (+1)
go-micro v0.8.0 — A pluggable RPC framework
Similar Microservices RPC
9966 (+1)
kit v0.7.0 — A standard library for microservices.
Similar gRPC Microservices RPC
2372 (<1)
twirp v5.4.0 — A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions
Similar RPC
1083 (<1)
henrylee2cn/teleport v3.7.0 — Teleport is a versatile, high-performance and flexible socket framework. It can be used for RPC, micro services, peer-peer, push services, game services and so on.
Similar RPC
4410 (<1)
micro/micro v0.11.1 — A cloud-native toolkit for building future-proof systems
Similar Microservices RPC
2322 (<1)
rpcx — Faster multil-language bidirectional RPC framework in Go, like alibaba Dubbo and weibo Motan in Java, but with more features, Scale easily.
Similar gRPC Distributed computing RPC
1171 (<1)
emitter v2.0.437 — High performance, distributed and low latency publish-subscribe platform.
Similar Distributed computing RPC
1926 (<1)
kite — Micro-service framework in Go
Similar Microservices RPC
996 (<1)
vice — Go channels at horizontal scale (powered by message queues)
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