590 (<1)
lexvec v1.0.4 — This is an implementation of the LexVec word embedding model (similar to word2vec and GloVe) that achieves state of the art results in multiple NLP tasks
Similar Text Processing NLP
335 (<1)
nlp — Extract values from strings and fill your structs with nlp.
Similar Text Processing
132 (<1)
james-bowman/nlp — Selected Machine Learning algorithms for natural language processing and semantic analysis in Golang
154 (<1)
go-porterstemmer — A native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm.
Similar Text Processing
6 (<1)
chriscasola/nlp — A collection of natural language processing algorithms for Go
22 (<1)
go-stanford-nlp — Go Stanford NLP POS Tagger wrapper
11 (0)
dmmclust — dmmclust is a package for clustering short texts, based on Yin and Wang (2014)
74 (0)
go-nlp — Utilities for working with discrete probability distributions and other tools useful for doing NLP work
8 (0)
linguo — Go NLP library based on Freeling
67 (0)
hub-db — Dataset of Adult Image Metadata for ML and NLP and Whatever Else

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