937 (<1)
joy4 — Golang audio/video library and streaming server
Similar Audio Applications Video MP4
92 (<1)
dhowden/tag — ID3, MP4 and OGG/FLAC metadata parsing in Go
Similar MP4
43 (<1)
gomp4 — a lib for mp4 parse and segmentation written in golang
Similar MP4
46 (<1)
mp4 — A MP4 encoder/decoder class
Similar MP4
7 (<1)
serve-mp4 — Serves transcoded MP4's for ChromeCast and ChromeOS
4 (<1)
hunterlong/gifs — API golang package to create Gifs from youtube, vimeo, remote mp4 and more!
4 (0)
regifted — (unfinished) This is an mpeg2 transport stream (mpeg2-ts) to mp4 repackaging utility.
9 (0)
mp4_stream — A utility (written in Go) for parsing MP4 files and outputting portions of the streams. It is intended to be used for pseudo-streaming.
3 (0)
mp4util — Golang library for extracting metadata information from mp4 files.
5 (0)
mkv2Appletv — Change containers to mp4 as efficiently as possible.
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