Micro databases

gountries — Gountries provides: Countries (ISO-3166-1), Country Subdivisions(ISO-3166-2), Currencies (ISO 4217), Geo Coordinates(ISO-6709) as well as translations, country borders and other stuff exposed as struct data.
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locales — :earth_americas: a set of locales generated from the CLDR Project which can be used independently or within an i18n package; these were built for use with, but not exclusive to https://github.com/go-playground/universal-translator
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zonedb — Public Zone Database
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regionagogo — A worldwide regions or fences database, give it coordinates it answers back with informations for the fence like country and state
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publicsuffix-go v0.4.0 — Domain name parser for Go based on the Public Suffix List.
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tz — Timezone Country and Zone data generated from timezonedb.com
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prefixes — Country Prefix Codes For Go
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timezone — IANA timezone locations in Go
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