3422 (+1)
MailHog — Web and API based SMTP testing
Similar Mail Testing
1249 (<1)
hermes — Golang package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional mail
Similar Mail
827 (<1)
go-guerrilla — Mini SMTP server written in golang
Similar Mail
348 (<1)
sendgrid-go — SendGrids Official Community Led Golang API Library
Similar Mail
423 (<1)
go-imap — :inbox_tray: An IMAP library for clients and servers
Similar Mail
726 (<1)
trumail — :email: :white_check_mark: A Fast and Free Email Verification API written in Go
Similar Mail
213 (<1)
checkmail — Golang package for email validation
Similar Validation Mail
339 (<1)
inbucket v2.0.0 — Disposable webmail server (similar to Mailinator) with built in SMTP, POP3, RESTful servers; no DB required.
Similar Applications Mail
711 (<1)
postman — Command-line utility for batch-sending email.
Similar Applications Protocols Mail
277 (<1)
mailgun-go — Go library for sending mail with the Mailgun API.
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