417 (<1)
systray — a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area
Similar GUI Mac-related Windows-related
360 (<1)
open-golang — Open a file, directory, or URI using the OS's default application for that object type. Optionally, you can specify an application to use.
Similar Windows-related Mac-related
544 (<1)
alfred-font-awesome-workflow — :tophat: Font Awesome Workflow for Alfred 3
Similar Mac-related
1351 (<1)
sudolikeaboss — Get 1password access from iterm2
Similar Applications Mac-related
425 (<1)
gosx-notifier — gosx-notifier is a Go framework for sending desktop notifications to OSX 10.8 or higher
Similar Mac-related
178 (<1)
alfred-toggl — Alfred Workflow for interacting with the Toggl time tracking service
Similar Mac-related
5 (0)
BenchR267/goalfred — Go package to simplify writing Alfred workflows
Similar Mac-related
784 (<1)
osxlockdown — [No longer maintained] Apple OS X tool to audit for, and remediate, security configuration settings.
Similar Mac-related

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