go-jira — simple jira command line client in Go
gofc — OpenFlow Controller written in go.
jira-deployment-controller — Example Kubernetes controller that manages deployments using ...
go-jira-client — A simple jira api client written in ...
go-jira-ui — Interactive JIRA cli tool, based around go-jira ...
go-slackjira — Jira issue name expender for Slack
go-view-controller — View controller model for golang
go-mnist-client — TensorFlow serving mnist example client in Go.
rdap-client — RDAP command line
bitrise-step-update-jira-issue-field — Bitrise step for updating JIRA issue fields
go-get-issue-15410 — go-get-issue-15410
iric — IRI command line client
josemrobles/go-jira — A Golang script used to gather KPI's ...
tedkornish/jsonfmt — Simple command line tool in Go for ...
golang_script — Script written in Golang
cmdg — Command line Gmail client
andygrunwald/go-jira — Go client library for Atlassian JIRA
gsend — A command-line GMail emailer written in Go
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