259 (<1)
andygrunwald/go-jira v1.2.0 — Go client library for Atlassian JIRA
Similar JIRA atlassian
810 (<1)
go-jira — simple jira command line client in Go
Similar JIRA External APIs
76 (<1)
go-jira-ui — Interactive JIRA cli tool, based around go-jira and termui
Similar JIRA
17 (0)
jira-deployment-controller — Example Kubernetes controller that manages deployments using Jira
Similar JIRA Kubernetes
31 (0)
go-jira-client — A simple jira api client written in Go
Similar JIRA
12 (0)
go-slackjira — Jira issue name expender for Slack
Similar JIRA Slack
16 (<1)
slack-jira-bot — Provide URL expansion when Jira issues are mentioned in a Slack chat
Similar Slack
26 (<1)
jiralert — JIRA integration for Prometheus Alertmanager
15 (<1)
terraform-provider-jira — Terraform Provider for JIRA

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