HTTP middleware

1360 (<1)
oxy — Go middlewares for HTTP servers & proxies
Similar HTTP middleware Proxies
868 (<1)
gologin v2.0.0 — Go login handlers for authentication providers (OAuth1, OAuth2)
Similar HTTP middleware OAuth
486 (<1)
thoas/stats — A Go middleware that stores various information about your web application (response time, status code count, etc.)
Similar HTTP middleware
688 (<1)
binding — Reflectionless data binding for Go's net/http (not yet a stable 1.0, but not likely to change much either)
Similar HTTP middleware HTTP
415 (<1)
httpsnoop — Package httpsnoop provides an easy way to capture http related metrics (i.e. response time, bytes written, and http status code) from your application's http.Handlers.
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945 (<1)
sessions — Package gorilla/sessions provides cookie and filesystem sessions and infrastructure for custom session backends.
Similar HTTP middleware HTTP
434 (<1)
gziphandler — Golang middleware to gzip HTTP responses
Similar HTTP middleware
837 (<1)
cors v1.5.0 — Go net/http configurable handler to handle CORS requests
Similar HTTP middleware
287 (<1)
handy — net/http handler filters
Similar Nice! HTTP middleware
679 (<1)
throttled — Package throttled implements rate limiting access to resources such as HTTP endpoints.
Similar HTTP middleware HTTP


    3 months ago
    gin-gonic/contrib (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Collection of middlewares created by the community
    martini-contrib/secure (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Martini handler that implements a few quick security wins.

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