5493 (+4)
go-ipfs — IPFS implementation in Go
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4235 (<1)
gobot — Golang framework for robotics, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
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764 (<1)
rtlamr v0.8.0 — An rtl-sdr receiver for Itron ERT compatible smart meters operating in the 900MHz ISM band.
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679 (<1)
go-hardware — A directory of hardware related libs, tools, and tutorials for Go
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260 (<1)
serial-port-json-server — A serial port JSON websocket server for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or BeagleBone Black that lets you communicate with your serial port from a web application. This enables web apps to be written that can communicate with your local serial device such as an Arduino, CNC controller, or any device that communicates over the serial port.
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956 (<1)
periph v2.2.0 — Go·Hardware·Lean
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140 (<1)
sensorbee — Lightweight stream processing engine for IoT
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944 (<1)
hc v0.1.0 — HomeControl is an implementation of the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) in Go.
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720 (<1)
go-rpio — :electric_plug: Raspberry Pi GPIO library for go-lang
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1056 (<1)
embd — Embedded Programming Framework in Go
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    Raspberry Pi Go Language Interface

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