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goofys — a high-performance, POSIX-ish Amazon S3 file system written in Go
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rclone — "rsync for cloud storage" - Google Drive, Amazon Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic, Cloudfiles, Google Cloud Storage, Yandex Files
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client — Keybase Go Library, Client, Service, OS X, iOS, Android, Electron
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go-github v15.0.0 — Go library for accessing the GitHub API
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go-nats v1.5.0 — Golang client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.
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hub — hub helps you win at git.
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amazon-ecs-agent — Amazon Elastic Container Service Agent
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apex v1.0.0-rc3 — Build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease (with Go support!).
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doctl v1.8.0 — A command line tool for DigitalOcean services
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900 (<1)
amazon-ecs-cli v1.5.0 — A custom Amazon ECS CLI that eases up the cluster setup process, enables users to run their applications locally or on ECS using the same Docker Compose file format and familiar Compose commands.
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    2 weeks ago
    HubGraph (Reached 25 ⭐)
    Grab the latest events from the boring GitHub's API and build an entertaining graph upon them!
    3 weeks ago
    amazon-ecr-credential-helper (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Automatically gets credentials for Amazon ECR on docker push/docker pull
    1 month ago
    telegram-bot-api (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API
    datadog-go (Reached 100 ⭐)
    go client library for datadog

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