Event Systems

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RxGo — Reactive Extensions for the Go language.
Similar Event Systems
238 (<1)
olebedev/emitter — Emits events in Go way, with wildcard, predicates, cancellation possibilities and many other good wins
Similar Event Systems
151 (<1)
go-trigger — A Global event triggerer for golang. Defines functions as event with id string. Trigger the event anywhere from your project.
Similar Event Systems
228 (<1)
go-observable — It allows you to send and receive events with a tiny simple API
Similar Nice! Event Systems
149 (<1)
emission — A simple Event Emitter for Go.
Similar Event Systems
29 (<1)
bullhorn — golang package to provide lightweight internal pub/sub for goroutines
Similar Message queue Event Systems
2 (<1)
event-translator-microservice — Microservice to act as the proxy between internal and external event systems.

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